Tesla: An Honest Review

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by D-Rex

Technology is upon usNASDAQ: TSLA


Tesla stock prices surged in 2020, currently trading around $417 a share after a 5 to 1 split – an increase of over 400% year to date in 2020.

“New Teslas offer some of the most advanced technology in any car on this planet or in the known universe. ”

I can check the onboard surveillance video from the night before and make sure that nothing bad happened (except for that cat that keeps triggering the system). About five minutes before I get in the car each morning, I’ll set the climate control from my cell phone and get it defrosted… SPOILED

Performance? Hold on to your butt.

The Model 3 I purchased is not even the fastest trim level and getting up to highway speed takes less than 4 seconds. The car handles unbelievably well and if you get good with it, you’ll rarely have to touch the brake pedal because the adaptive braking system is absolutely incredible.

Teslas are not cheap; a prospective buyer must consider exactly what you are getting for your money.

Lets take a look at some of the Pros and Cons I came up with.


  • – You are piloting a spaceship-rollercoaster hybrid, it’s thrilling in every possible way (acceleration, handling, regenerative breaking)
  • – The underlying technology is incredibly user friendly and efficient. Tablet controls every feature, autopilot will eventually become self-driving
  • – Cost effective from a number of different perspectives, no fuel costs, long battery life, maintenance (tires, air filter), $7 dollar state inspection
  • – Solid history retaining value over time – take a look online, I was surprised to learn how well used Teslas are holding value.
  • – The cell phone app turns your device into the key, rolls up your windows, activates sentry mode (caught the local cat creeping around the car at night), and lets you know the charging status
  • – Surprisingly affordable to insure


  • – Limited range for longer trips
  • – Requires longer than average breaks at supercharging stations and time is money
  • – Not many places work on them, if any issues occur, you’ll have to schedule with Telsa through the app and most likely drop off or ship to a dealership or repair facility.
  • – Entry level price point starts at around $40,000 USD

For the several reasons above, the Pros crush the Cons in my humble opinion.

I highly recommend Tesla and consider my purchase to be one of the most important in my adult life.

Catch me out in the wild… if you can!

Thank you Bitcoin for helping me learn to save

PEACE and let me know if you have any questions!


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