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Today’s Bitcoin prices are hovering around 23K, which feels refreshing to write… like a digital spritzer.

These levels are roughly equivalent to BTC at about $600 USD in 2017, from a price action standpoint. Many remember the face melting Bitcoin-fueled rally that followed. There will be both winners and losers as crypto markets continue to make history in 2021 and beyond.

Every Bitcoin rally provides opportunities for new projects to gain exposure and achieve higher market caps. This article explores two projects in particular that I see breaching the Top 21 in 2021.

It is important to note that I, the author do have investments in both of these projects… I have no intensions of selling my stacks in either coin for short-term flipping. I own each for completely separate reasons and fully believe in their long-term outlook. I am not an advisor and this is not investment advice.

Elrond Gold, eGLD

( can be acquired through a number of popular exchanges and currently sits at number 54 in total market cap.

I was around for its first run and have been closely following since it rebranded to Elrond Gold. There are many features about eGLD to mention, but the most important aspect of its growth potential is Elrond’s upcoming wallet.

Maiar – powered by eGLD, will make sending and receiving cryptocurrencies easy enough for even the most tech illiterate users. It’s incredibly simple to set up (just requires a phone number) while security is heavily considered. World-class team and I have little doubt that a finished product will hit the market either on or ahead of schedule.

The technology of Elrond has also been compared to many of the biggest names in crypto (including ETH), and staggering how much more polished and efficient eGLD is than any of the comparisons (please do your own research, you won’t be disappointed).

From a price action standpoint, eGLD is up 315% since it’s low in October and appears to only be getting started.

eGLD – ELROND Weekly Chart

I suspect the price will be in the $50 USD range as Maiar gets closer to production roll out and more people start to learn more about this fascinating project.

Bonus point: both my wife and the Elrond team are Romanian… only good things have happened in my life since discovering these hidden jewels. : o

NEXO – NEXO.IO – Banking on Crypto

NEXO – currently sits at number 56 in total market cap on CoinGecko.

You’ve probably heard of Blockfi… This service does require some KYC should you want to fully maximize its benefits.

You’ve probably also heard of exchange tokens like BNB providing the user some sort of benefit. NEXO provides benefits to anyone holding the native NEXO token as well as better rates of return on every asset over Blockfi.

NEXO holders also get a dividend from the company’s overall profits on top of benefits from holding the token. This is a fantastic service for passive income investors, and I predict more traffic in the very near future, increasing profits and the overall value of the NEXO token. The customer service team and has been excellent and this project is a hidden gem that will take major steps forward in 2021.

From a price action standpoint, NEXO is up 725% on the year.

NEXO / USD – Weekly Chart

I’ve also researched Voyager, Celsius Network,, etc… and I found the same thing, NEXO is simply a more efficient place to keep your passive income stacks.

In conclusion, Bitcoin is King and I only suggest alternatives with the purpose of gaining more BTC.

If you are happy with your stack, risk averse, or not interested in passive income from your coins, I wish you well.

If you are interested in the possibility of making more BTC, either from successful trades, passive income strategies, or utilizing credit options… eGLD and NEXO deserve a little more of your attention in my humble opinion.

Elrond Gold directly tackles the most prevalent hurdle in crypto (the user interface) while NEXO appears poised to take market cap from the big boys.

Either way you slice it, 2021 is going to be a HUGE year for Bitcoin… which means it will also be a fantastic year to be in projects with actual uses and utility.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!


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