It Is Different This Time

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by D-Rex

Institutional Bitcoin FOMO
(fear of missing out)
uncharted waters
and the next chapter of the Bitcoin story...

It’s not everyday that you hear about a publicly traded company putting a little Bitcoin on it’s books as a hedge against the dollar constantly losing value…  Except this time, it’s not a small amount of BTC, there’s positive news each week, and BIG companies are buying humongous quantities of Bitcoin as a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders.  Simply put, they ran the numbers and it made more sense to hold a legit store of value than a constantly debased currency.

  • – Zero Media Coverage

In 2017, each and every news outlet was running wild with Bitcoin stories. People were mortgaging their houses, ICOs went wild and lost people crazy amounts of money – CNBC was teaching gramps how to buy XRP at $3 USD…Except this time, it’s quiet.   I turned on the news very briefly just to see if anything had happened… what I saw alarmed me.  There’s a portion of the page dedicated to COVID 24/7. Politics are still being discussed like it’s life or death and regulation proposals are being indoctrinated into the minds of those already the most fearful and vulnerable.  Yet, BTC not even a mention. Why?

  • – Government Buy-in

As it’s clear that media outlets of the world are carefully controlled by governments, keeping BTC on mute means something unprecedented is happening.  Silk Road Bitcoin was coinvestigated with no mention of how it was (IF IT WAS) liquated.  The SEC is being solicited by billion-dollar hedge funds for new amendments granting them crypto access.  You can pay your taxes in BTC. They likely already know how much you have and we are seeing a purposeful suppression of the main stream media. Possibly because the government is late to the party.  This saying has always been true and I see it playing out more and more the further we go:  

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”


  • My Prediction

The media silence is eerily similar to one of the last scenes in The Big Short. They couldn’t pay out their debts to Dr. Barry, because they had to jump on the short themselves.  As soon as their bags were packed, they “conveniently” started the payments.

We are seeing a familiar situation playing out before our eyes.  History never repeats itself, but it often rhymes.  Once the media starts with the bitcoin fireworks, all bets are off.  Congratulations, you were here before them… do not be shaken from your first mover advantage.  This is what you have been preparing for all along.  Don’t let them take your bitcoin from you.



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