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Rada Quest Website: Rada Quest Game: Twitter: @RadaQuestTCG Discord: more info on packs and token: #RadaQuestTCG Rada Quest is an online multiplayer trading card strategy game developed by 3DK Render a Block producer guild for the WAX blockchain. Players will gather resources through the construction and upgrading of their buildings. The main goal of the game …

Hodl God

Hodl God – WAX STAXX

TUPGames Leave a Comment -Battle Royale Player versus Player game (PvP). -3D fantasy setting. -PC required, local install -Blockchain decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) integrated, working on the Wax blockchain ecosystem. -Find and collect all of the Immortal Shards, combine them. -LEARN HOW TO Stream yourself playing Hodl God and earn NFTs!!!! HAPPY STAXXING!!!