STAXX CLUB Newsletter December 2023 and a year end review

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From Achievements to Innovations: Reflecting on Our 2023 Crypto Journey

December 2023 Crypto News:

Club NFT Drops and Plans for 2024:

The Evolution of Our Crypto Journey:

Exclusive Insights – Our 2023 Accomplishments and Future Plans Revealed:

Step into the world of crypto as we embark on a journey filled with achievements, innovations, and exciting developments. As the year draws to a close, we reflect on the incredible milestones and progress we have made in the crypto industry. In our year-end newsletter, we share exclusive insights into our 2023 accomplishments, the thrilling crypto news from December, the highly anticipated Club NFT drops, and our big plans for the coming year. Join us as we take a deep dive into the evolution of our crypto journey, celebrating the past while eagerly looking forward to an even more remarkable future.

A Look into the Future: Bitcoin and Crypto Markets

In 2023, Bitcoin experienced nearly 170% growth in price. This impressive surge in value was largely due to institutional adoption, reduced regulatory fears, and rumors of a Bitcoin ETF. Transactions volumes remain high and hashrate is increasing exponentially on the bitcoin blockchain. Inscriptions and ordinals contributing to additional transaction volume. The Halving, which will increasing mining difficulty, is expected to take place around April 2024. Despite the positive momentum, there are still concerns around regulatory risks and investors need to be aware of potential regulatory threats that could impact the market.

Growth in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi remained one of the hottest trends in the crypto market in 2023. The total value locked in DeFi regained the $100 billion mark. New blockchains and technologies further increased the depth and choices for consumers. Gamifying finance is a way to make saving fun, and we believe products and communities will continue to capitalize on the wave of interest despite bear market woes.

The Resurgence of Meme Coins

Meme coins also performed well in 2023. This represented a trend that was driven by the growing popularity of memes and internet culture. Dogecoin, one of the proclaimed darlings of the internet, enjoyed a festive season rally, fueled by Elon Musk’s ever-enthusiastic tweets and an army of passionate retail investors. Other meme coins like SHIB and BONK followed suit, reminding everyone that sometimes, the market truly writes its own story.

However, investing in meme coins is not without risk. Investors need to be cautious and aware of the high risk involved in these types of cryptos. Thousands of meme coins have been created across hundreds of blockchains. Some of the most notable include Solana SOL. Just beware of projects created to build hype for a pump and dump! Never invest more than we expect to lose and only have fun with it.

Regulatory Oversight and Institutional Adoption

In 2023, fallout effects of the FTX collapse remained, but market selling eased compared to the previous year. The SEC continued to oversee the crypto industry, which highlights the need for caution in the market as the SEC attempts to define themselves as a “Sheriff in the Wild Wild West”.

On the positive side, major institutions explored greater Bitcoin exposure, which contributed to the growth of the crypto market. As the clock strikes 2024, excitement for the crypto future is palpable. Institutional giants are dipping their toes deeper, with behemoths like BlackRock exploring Bitcoin exposure.

Looking Ahead:

As 2024 begins, excitement for the crypto future is palpable. Institutional giants like BlackRock are exploring Bitcoin exposure. Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are no longer science fiction, with China’s e-CNY leading the charge. And with innovation bubbling in DeFi, NFTs, gaming and the Metaverse, the possibilities seem endless. Along with the tangible assets and tokenization efforts, innovative technology is providing new ways to vote. Decentralized autonomous organizations are creating fair and equitable global governance systems that can be enjoyed by all humans.

2023 leaves us with a clear message: the crypto revolution is just begining. So, buckle up, hodl on tight, and prepare for a thrilling ride in the year to come!

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December 2023


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2024 PLANS
– Website 2.0 and product development
– #STAXXRACING Events and content
– STAXX.CLUB Tutorials and information
– Tons more content from the markets, metaverse, and beyond!

In addition to building out our capabilities and providing some of the best content available, we have built a name and a reputation for ourselves as some of the most real and accessible individuals in the industry. We provide real analysis based on facts and information we have available. Adding value to our clients, supporters and club members at the same time, its a beautiful thing. Supporting our organization does not require any money at all, in this digital age a simple button press can change lives. Every button press helps! We exposed thousands of people to crypto in a non threatening way and we have given out thousands of NFTs and cryptos to people all over the world!!!

Join us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter X, Youtube, TikTok, Discord, Instagram, and/ or Twitch!!!


Shitcoin Conference – May 2023

We helped organize and participated in the third annual Shitcoin Conference in Miami – Wynwood. As usual it did not disappoint! We had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most innovative and brilliant people in the crypto industry. Food, fun, engaging content, and party!!!!

We are committed to creating to very best products and services in the industry. We also look forward to participating in many more community events while raising awareness for our brand, bitcoin and the crypto industry.

Powered by suggestions from our community we will continue to grow organically by building what WE ask for.

Plans include:

Online Learning Portal 1.0 #staxxuniversityrobust knowledge portal with not only the very best crypto content but also tools to assist with personal growth opportunities. Health, governance, politics, and global macro economics are all topics we provide access to.

STAXX RACING WORLD TOURwe will continue to enter races and events, using our brand to spread the crypto gospel everywhere we go.

Funding and lobbying – working together with other people is critical to drive change. Goldmann Staxx will continue to be at the forefront for fostering relationships, and creating new and better systems of governance while also lobbying for improved representation, rules, laws and framework in our existing systems.

Please hit the buttons on the socials!



Together we is win!
Collaboration with crypto legend Senor Lupe.

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