Wax blockchain


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3 ITEMS REQUIRED 1) the token symbol 2) the token contract and 3) the number of decimal places that the token has. EVERYTHING ELSE CAN BE LEFT BLANK All this info can be found at https://wax.bloks.io So go there and login with your wallet! You will be able to see all the tokens that you own there and the info …

How does a WAX account work?

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Many blockchains have a public key that works as your public wallet address, and a private key for access. More about wallets here: https://goldmannstaxx.com/whats-in-your-crypto-wallet/ THE WAX blockchain system has public and private keys, but there are also additional features we will be covering in this article. So lets jump right in!!! A WAX account is associated to a Account Name …


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Get out of the way Capital One, new kids are on the blockchain The world of cryptocurrency has many storage options and wallets available. In this article, we discuss crypto storage in simple terms and look at some of our favorite wallet solutions. Consumers have multiple platform choices such as: desktop, mobile, browser, hardware, or even an old fashioned paper …