STAXX CLUB Newsletter February 2024

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๐Ÿ”ฅ Monthly Market Staxx: Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Surge + STAXX CLUB News

Hello STAXX Community!

What a month itโ€™s been!

February set the crypto markets ablaze and sent STAXX Racing at the forefront of action-packed events.

This newsletter is your brief on the significant moves and grooves weโ€™ve witnessed in the past month.

๐Ÿš€ Crypto Markets Ignite

The crypto world is witnessing a sensational rally, with Bitcoin and Ethereum clocking in colossal gains of nearly 50% this past month. It’s an exciting time for hodlers and traders alike as we dissect the drivers behind this fiery surge. The main source of fuel has been over the counter purchases of bitcoin and Ethereum to whales and managers of large institutional funds.

๐ŸŽ๏ธ STAXX Racing in the Limelight

Our riveting experience at the TRC Night Meet – Orlando Speed World on February 3, 2024, has super-charged the STAXX Racing brand! Stay tuned for more adrenaline-pumping racing updates! We appreciate the overwhelming support for what we are doing and how we are doing it! Thousands of people descended upon Orlando for this epic night and we enjoyed every minute of sharing the experience!

๐ŸŽ Lucky STAXX NFT Bounty Blok Competition Wraps Up

Those who got in on the LUCKY STAXX NFT drop received a 3 X WAX Multiplier in purchase price back their wallets!!! Just a fun way to thank supporters for purchasing a NFT from us.

The much-anticipated Lucky STAXX NFT competition concludes on March 3, 2024 so get your entries in now!!! Thanks to all who participated and made it a huge success. Stay posted to see who snagged the epic wins through the bounty blok!

๐ŸŽ‰Airdrops for STAXX Club NFT Holders

This month, weโ€™re sweeping the floor and sharing random airdrops from the Rare Rug Apes collection for our STAXX CLUB NFT holders! Keep an eye on your wallets for these hot drops!

Congratulations STAXX.CLUB NFT HOLDERS!!!!

(as of January 31 2022 )

All holders of the STAXX.CLUB NFT are receiving perks as decided on by the community.

For more info go here :

February 2024

1 X RANDOM NFT from Rare Rug Apes!

Collection: rareruggapes


These NFT can be used to blend other NFTs or stack for Tier Rewards in the telegram game RUGGAME. Link:


We are committed to creating to very best products and services in the industry. We also look forward to participating in many more community events while raising awareness for our brand, bitcoin and the crypto industry.

Powered by suggestions from our community we will continue to grow organically by building what WE ask for.


Online Learning Portal 1.0 #staxxuniversityrobust knowledge portal with not only the very best crypto content but also tools to assist with personal growth opportunities. Health, governance, politics, and global macro economics are all topics we provide access to.

STAXX WORLD TOURwe will continue to enter races and participate in events, using our brand to spread the crypto gospel everywhere we go.

Funding and lobbying – working together with other people is critical to drive change. Goldmann Staxx will continue to foster relationships, support new and better systems of governance while also lobbying for improved representation, rules, laws and framework in our existing legacy systems.

2024 PLANS
โ€“ Website 2.0 and product development
โ€“ #STAXXRACING Events and content
โ€“ STAXX.CLUB Tutorials and information
โ€“ Tons more content from the markets, metaverse, and beyond!

In addition to building out our capabilities and providing some of the best content available, we have built a name and a reputation for ourselves as some of the most real and accessible individuals in the industry. We provide real analysis based on facts and information we have available. Adding value to our clients, supporters and club members at the same time, its a beautiful thing. Supporting our organization does not require any money at all, in this digital age a simple button press can change lives. Every button press helps! We exposed thousands of people to crypto in a non threatening way and we have given out thousands of NFTs and cryptos to people all over the world!!!

Join us on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter X, Youtube, TikTok, Discord, Instagram, and/ or Twitch!!!

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Together we is win!
Collaboration with crypto legend Senor Lupe.

Staxx Club NFTs are available for purchase on secondary markets.


Collect 10 HOLOSTAXX promotion NFTS to blend for your STAXX.CLUB official hologram NFT and rewards!


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