STAXX CLUB Newsletter April 2024

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Monthly Market Staxx: Bitcoin dipping, the US Department of Justice tripping + Staxx Racing Ripping + STAXX CLUB News

Greetings to all our crypto enthusiasts and STAXX CLUB members! It’s been another electrifying month in the world of cryptocurrencies, technology, and Staxx Club team racing. Here’s everything you need to know!

Market Update: Bitcoin’s Roller Coaster Ride

This month, the Bitcoin market experienced a significant dip, sliding 18% from all-time highs of 72k to lows at $59k. Currently, Bitcoin is trading below the crucial 60k support level, marking a pivotal moment for traders and holders alike. This downturn has sparked discussions and analyses across the board as we all watch closely to see what moves Bitcoin will make next. The next major monthly support is in the $55k – $45k range.

Legal Headlines: The Department Of “Justice” Makes Its Move

The crypto world has been rocked by a series of legal actions this month. The U.S. Department of Justice is on the move, issuing subpoenas and bringing the spotlight to multiple key players in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency realm. Notably, CZ from Binance is set to serve 3 months in prison on charges related to money laundering. Roger Ver has been arrested and charged with tax fraud, and popular Wallet Samurai finds itself in the crosshairs of the SEC, facing a lawsuit. These developments remind us of the “evolving” regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies. Stay tuned for further updates as these cases unfold.

STAXX Racing Team Highlights

Our STAXX Racing Team had an exhilarating April with two standout events. On April 20, 2024, we attended the thrilling K&N Cars and Coffee Event at Gainesville Raceway, where the energy was electric, and our passion for racing was shared with like-minded enthusiasts.

We didn’t stop there; our STAXX RACING Hellcat was selected as one of the official drag cars at the Spring and Euro Fest Event on April 27. Hosted by Staker Productions.

The STAXX CAT – 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat performed well, achieving an impressive quarter mile ET at 10.0 seconds and hauling some serious groceries with a new personal best rolling trap speed of 145 mph.

Our long time supporter, good friend and STAXX Racing Crew Chief Tony Pawlish had his nitrous LS powered yellow GTO spraying the house down and getting the win lights with multiple 9 second quarter mile passes.

He went heads up with Biff and got the W, putting a bus on him in a quarter mile drag race!

These two gear heads have been racing each other with different cars for over 10 years. The heads up racing STAXX CAT vs LS6 GOAT score is now tied 1-1.

It’s clear; the team and our machines are performing well at the track. We will be ready for many more events in the future! Follow us and join in the fun!

We are proud to represent our brand and organization, as well as our supporters.

Contact us if interested in sponsorship!

STAXX Club News: April 2024 Airdrop

(as of January 31 2022 )

All holders of the STAXX.CLUB NFT are receiving perks as decided on by the community.

For more info go here :

April 2024

We’ve got exciting news from the Club!

All STAXX CLUB NFT holders are eligible for a WUF token Community Airdrop!

This drop will be register via sign up and for the WAX blockchain.

Be sure to grab the sign up link in our Telegram or Discord channels to participate!

– $WUF project info:
We were happy to learn about its integration with Coinbase L2 BASE, opening up new possibilities for DEX (decentralized) coin swaps in the US.

In addition to building out our capabilities and providing some of the best content available, we have built a name and a reputation for ourselves as some of the most real and accessible individuals in the industry.

We provide real analysis based on facts and information we have available. Adding value to our clients, supporters and club members at the same time, its a beautiful thing.

Supporting our organization does not require any money at all, in this digital age a simple button press can change lives.

Every button press helps!

We exposed thousands of people to crypto in a non threatening way and we have given out thousands of NFTs and cryptos to people all over the world!!!

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Staxx Club NFTs are available for purchase on WAX blockchain secondary markets.



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Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

In the fast-paced world, staying informed is key. We’re here to provide you with the latest updates, insights, and opportunities. There’s something for everyone in the STAXX CLUB.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Here’s to another month of success, innovation, and sharing experiences in our community.

Best of luck to all our supporters, happy racing, and see you on the track or at the next event!

  • The Goldmann Staxx – STAXX RACING – STAXX CLUB Team

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