STAXX CLUB Newsletter May 2024

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Monthly Market Staxx: Bitcoin finds a price range, Mothers Day NFT special + STAXX CLUB News, Indy 500 Racing!

Welcome to the Goldmann Staxx May 2024 Newsletter! We’re excited to bring you the latest updates and happenings in the world of crypto, NFTs, and racing. Let’s dive into this month’s highlights!

Bitcoin finds a price range and Holds -> $60K

After weeks of volatility, Bitcoin seems to have found a stable price range. Throughout May, Bitcoin has managed to hold its ground within a price range of $60,000 to $70,000. This range indicates a period of relative stability, but could also mean a cooling off period due to money flow cycles.

As always, stay tuned to our platform for the most comprehensive updates and expert analyses on Bitcoin’s performance.

ETH ETF Rumors

Rumors are swirling about the potential launch of an ETH ETF. If this comes to fruition, it could be a game-changer for both institutional investors and retail enthusiasts.

Stay tuned to our updates as we monitor this evolving story.

Positive Implications for ETH and Altcoins

The stabilization of Bitcoin’s price could have positive ripple effects for Ethereum (ETH) and various altcoins. A steady Bitcoin market can instill greater confidence across the broader crypto landscape. This potential shift can lead to increased activity in ETH and ETH-based projects, driving up their demand and value.

As Bitcoin price holds steady, increased confidence may well translate into more interest for altcoins.

Stay updated with us for ongoing insights and detailed market analysis.

Staxx Racing Visits the Indy 500

We had an incredible time at the Indy 500! The atmosphere was electric, and our #staxxracing team had an unforgettable experience. Catch all the behind-the-scenes action on our social media channels and join the conversation with #staxxracing and #indy500. 300,000 people all enjoying the moment. We also had a chance to talk to people from all over the world and of course some of the conversation is about bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

Mother’s Day NFT Special for Staxx Club NFT Holders

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we offered a special NFT designed by Deadly Buda for our Staxx Club NFT holders. This limited-edition NFT is our way of saying thank you for your continued support!

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Stay Staxxy!

The Goldmann Staxx Team

STAXX Club NFT: May 2024

(as of January 31 2022 )

All holders of the STAXX.CLUB NFT are receiving perks as decided on by the community.

For more info go here :

April 2024

Mothers Day NFT Special!

📞 Call your Mother!

Special STAXX.CLUB NFT holders Mother’s day NFT drop!
Design by Deadly Buda!

The Staxx Club – WUF Airdrop was completed and so far so good! We will continue to monitor the progress of the project!

– $WUF project info:
We were happy to learn about its integration with Coinbase L2 BASE, opening up new possibilities for DEX (decentralized) coin swaps in the US.

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